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Who Qualifies Me for Head of Household on My Taxes?

Do you pay for more than half of the costs of keeping up your home?

Are you unmarried?

Do you have someone else living with you that you care for?

Well, you’re in luck! Congress decided you need a break. A tax break, that is! You may qualify for a beneficial filing status, called Head of Household.

But not so fast!

Just because you meet these criteria, does not mean that there are no more criteria that you must meet. 

For a person that lives with you to qualify you for the Head of Household filing status, they must be related to you in a way that is closer than a cousin is related to you.

For example, the person can be your parent, sibling, child, or a descendant of any of these. In-laws count also in this case. Even ex-in-laws! That’s right, if you divorce your spouse and are still taking care of one of their family members, you may still claim them as your qualifying person for the purposes of Head of Household filing status. 

Further, you can claim a person that meets these criteria for the Head of Household filing status, even if you cannot claim them as your dependent. There is a special spot on the Form 1040 that you can put this person’s name in case they do not show up elsewhere on the return as a dependent. 

Nonetheless, most dependents will qualify you for the Head of Household filing status.

However, if you can claim someone as a dependent that meets the Member of Household test, and that is the only reason they qualify as your dependent, then you may not use them as your qualifying person for the Head of Household status. 

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